Reload same Page with different NavParams? Ionic 2

Hy is it possibile to reload the current page but with different NavParams?

Lets say the Page got called with NavParams : username: “userxy”;
And the if a function reload(); get called i want to reload the exact same page but with lets say NavParams: username: “xxxx”;

How could i do that cause i whant to avoid rootNav.push(Page) for that.

You probably don’t need to change the NavParams. Using your example let’s say you have:

this.username = this.navParams.get('username');

Then wherever you want to call your reload function, just modify this.username to whatever the new value needs to be. Your template will update automatically.

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@joshmorony Your template will update automatically.

That was what im looking for. Didnt know that. Well that slove my Problem exactly! Thank you very much!