Cannot reload own componets when pop() to tab from modal


I have an own component in a tab, this push to another page to add/modifi/delete component.
When return, does not refresh, even calling events, inside components, dont refresh the number of elements.passed by @input.

I’m stuck on this, very desesperate.

Thanks in advance.

ionic-angular 3.6.0

Nobody is going to be able to say anything useful without code.

main Problem, I cannot refresh tab view after add/delete/modify some of the components.

It has 4 own components:

cards-grid holds image-card (4 of it at the example below)
image-card holds favorite and slide-button-3d

App Tree:

Secuence of the problem:

First load with 4 components.
Everything look right in position.

Click on a component to modify:
The code:

The modify/delete view:


Update and returning:
Te code:

Returning to main view, lost styles (everything is shifted to left and hearth too right), and for update the component have to fire an event wich is catched by ‘cards-grid’ to force reload all the components.
The fired event fix the problem of update text or image-card quantity, but not styles.

Thanks in advance

If you don’t get any better answers, I would start by stopping trying to interact with the root NavController from anywhere other than the app component. Perhaps that will organically fix your problem.

this fix the style, but dont fix the refresh of the components (add/delete/modify) when dismiss the modal page.

  constructor(public modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

   AddEditDevice(userDevice) {
     let myModal = this.modalCtrl.create(this.devicePage,
                         { rootNavCtrl: this.rootNavCtrl,
                            userDevice:  userDevice});

I’m objecting to the existence of this parameter. I think it’s a bad idea to be messing with other components’ NavControllers, and I can certainly imagine it causing problems such as you describe here.