Doesn't work with input type="date" in controller

this is very simple question, but i don’t know why
when i change bookdatetime, but $scope.bookdatetime is not update value

view code

controller(‘SelectRentCtrl’, function($scope,$rootScope,remoteService,rentService,utilService) {

$scope.bookdatetime =;

$scope.chooseStore = function(){
$rootScope.selectTools = rentService.selectTool($rootScope.toolList);
$rootScope.rentTool = rentService.rentTool($rootScope.toolList);
$rootScope.bookingDate = $scope.bookdatetime;
console.warn($scope.bookdatetime); >>> still old value
$rootScope.rentType = “story”;


Hey try manually checking the value returned by your utilService service.
Something like:

var x =;

It is hard to read the rest of your code. Please edit your question in order to make it readable.

$scope.bookdatetime =; >> 2014-08-26

$scope.dateChange = function(){
// change 2014-08-26 to 20-08-30, but bookdatetime still 2014-08-26

Sow your dateChange function.

dateChange function just let me debug.
my question is when i change the date , but $scope.bookdatetime still keep the old value

Sorry, I test in Chrome Browser.

Check to see if you have designed the service correctly. This will help you get a better understanding in that case -

I resovled this question, but I still don’t know why

this work
$scope.bookdatetime = {};
$ =;

this not work
$scope.bookdatetime =;