Input Type Date not updating ng-model once set

This works in angular:

… but not in ionic:

Is there some point I am missing?

(the issue I am having is that I have 2 html5 objects: date an month. It seems, once one field got updated, it can’t be updated by the other one anymore and vice versa. In pure angularJS it works)


Nevermind. I solved it with using dot notation:

<input type="month" ng-model="dates.monthYearSelected" ng-change="changeMonthYear(dates.monthYearSelected)" /> <input type="date" ng-model="dates.dateSelected" ng-change="changeDate(dates.dateSelected)" />

In my controller I added following:

$scope.dates = {}; $scope.dates.monthYearSelected = myDate; $scope.dates.dateSelected = myDate; // and updated the functions ...

Maybe it’s helpful for anybody else. Always use dot notation!