Doesn't Ionic 2 support android 7.0.0


I am going to create ionic 2 application that works on android 7.0.0
I have already built android version in Ionic CLI.
But supported android version is 6.1.2 and I have checked that in platforms.json file.
How can I build the app with android 7.0.0.
I have created to upload video with Ionic 2, and the app works fine on android 6.0.1
Then the app doesn’t work android 7.0.0


Are you maybe confusing the “cordova-android” version with supported Android OS version?


What you mean? @Sujan12
Is there different between cordova-android version and supported android os version?
I have created to upload video with Ionic 2.
It works fine on android all version without 7.0.0


Yes, “cordova-android” is the Cordova stuff for Android:

Here is the actual list of supported API levels:
and which Android levels this corresponds to:

Your problem is probably related to one of the plugins you are using or something else that just doesn’t work on Android 7.


I used media capture plugin for capturing video.