[SOLVED] "swipe to go back" doesn't work in Ionic View (window.cordova undefined on ionicPlatform.ready)


I have created this simple test app:

It is basically just the blank starter template with a couple of routes added. But I can’t for the life of me figure out why swipe to go back won’t work on my iphone when I upload it to Ionic View?

If I comment out this part in the codepen, it works in the browser:

//window.cordova = { yup: true };
//ionic.Platform.isReady = true;

I have a sidemenu-app in ionic view, where swipe to go back works fine. Is it something I’m missing? Has anyone managed to make a simple app like this (withouth sidemenu or tabs) work with swipe to go back in Ionic View?

edit: I notice that window.cordova is undefined at the time when $ionicPlatform.ready gets fired… Can this be the issue?

edit 2: It was indeed the issue.
I used this hack suggested here:

Put in to force Ionic to wait for cordova.