Swipe to go back doesn't work

I know this feature is supposed to work only in Cordova but it doesn’t. I added the following code as config that should make this feature work even in the browser (right?).

.config(function($ionicConfigProvider) {

Here is the nightly tabs app with the addition of the above snippet: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/qEzWjQ

What am I doing wrong?

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Maybe this post will help you:

Thanks, but I don’t use “on-swipe-right”.

Sorry, I meant the entire topic, not that specific post.

I thought it was broken too, but I discovered from another member that you have to begin your swipe from the very left portion of the screen (swiping from the middle doesn’t work). Also, by default it’s enabled only for iOS since it’s not common in Android.

@zeronil This is how I tested - from the very left of the view.

@deiucanta are you testing this on a device? Swipe to go back won’t work unless it’s compiled on to a device with cordova.

Yes, I’ve tested on my iPhone and in the simulator as well.

Was this ever fixed? I’m using the latest with a Svelte project and it won’t swipe back. Pretty essential feature :-/