Which default android's browser versions does ionic 3 support?

Currently I am developing a project using ionic 3 (3.19.0).
I just developed apps for browser version, not intended to develop native version on android & ios yet.
I have a brief research on the android browser and feel it is relatively complicated as each android device may have different default versions depending on the manufacturer. For example, Samsung develops a separate browser based on the Internet Browser and based on the Chromium project. However, I can not find the detailed information on technical issues related between chromium and the browser.
This link: https://ionicframework.com/docs/intro/browser-support/ said that ionic supports Safari, Chrome, Edge and Android 4.4+.
How can I determine a detailed list of the default browser versions of android on different machines that are supported by ionic 3? I feel that this is a difficult issue and hope someone provides clearer information or clues for further research.

All the browsers tend to be based on the same engine - Chrome. So Ionic tends to work in all of them as well.