Does Capacitor Support Modals?

I’m developing an app that has an activity feed (similar to social feeds), and if the user clicks on an item to view details, I want to load those details into a modal view, so that, when they exit, they don’t lose their place in the feed. Is there anything in Capacitor that supports this? I could probably accomplish this with Bootstrap modals, but would prefer a more native approach, if possible.

If you use the Ionic Framework: You can use the modal compinent whichz is designed to look like the native one does: ion-modal: Ionic Mobile App Custom Modal API Component

If not and you really want to have a native modal presented with then another webview content in it, i think Portals is the right way to proceed here

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, my Capacitor app is built on top of Cordova and JS and not the ionic framework, otherwise ion-modal would have been perfect. Portals looks promising, so I’ll give that a look.

Native modals make sense when you are presenting native views, such as camera or browser modals, but if you are going to show html, then I think html modals should be ok.

In this case, using a native modal won’t make your app feel more native and will complicate your logic a lot.