How to Hide Webview using Ionic Modals with Capacitor Google Maps

I am building an app with Ionic 7 and Angular and I need a way to implement users to pin their locations at the moment of creating a post. Right now I have a tabbed app, that I open a “create report” modal and inside that modal, there is a button to open a second modal with a Capacitor Google Maps map inside.

No matter how hard I try to hide the webview on Android, there are so many elements behind the modal that it has become impossible to correctly do so.

I have an ion-app, that has ion-tabs, that has two ion-modals open.

Does anyone know how to implement a solution like this?

You need to manually hide all those elements. no way around it. Just take your time.

I will keep trying, I have removed one modal and made the create report form a new page. This way i only have to deal with one modal being open.