@capacitor/google-maps and ion-modal sheet

Hi there,
I need to implement google maps in Android and iOS app. I installed @capacitor/google-maps plugin, added keys, set transparent on webview, add pins, group - everything works. Now the main function I want to implement is that when I click on a marker, it shows me a modal to be able to display some information, but at the same time browse further on the map, or expand more information on the modal. According to the documentation, the Sheet Modal is ideal for this, and I quote: “The backdropBreakpoint property can be used to customize the point at which the ion-backdrop will begin to fade in. This is useful when creating interfaces that have content underneath the sheet that should remain interactive. A common use case is a sheet modal that overlays a map where the map is interactive until the sheet is fully expanded.” This works horribly on android, I can’t get it to release… When I try to grab the modal to expand more data, there is some delay in moving the modal, causing me to catch an event on the map and the modal does not open.
Please do something about this - the functionality you list as basic with this type of modal is not working.
I really love and admire Ionic, but this problem make me sick.
I have the latest stack:
@capacitor/google-maps”: “^4.5.0”,
@ionic/angular”: “^6.6.1”,