Does anyone use Ionic without AngularJS?


I’m new to Ionic and want to know if there are developers using Ionic without AngularJS?

Looking at the Ionic overview page it seems possible to use the CSS. But is that realistic? I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble?


Why should anyone use an angular mobile framwork without angular?

sure you can use the scss and using the CSS-Components of ionic without ionic/angular javascript.

But then you can use any other reponsive layout framework like bootstrap, foundation…


Technically you can. The css and the javascript are separated*, but you’ll miss out on all the extra features that angular provides.

  • there are some animations in there that are for working with angular


Thanks mhartington for the response. Reading the site it looks like using “css only” was a feature but I wanted to confirm is was also a credible development path.

I understand that our team won’t be able to take advantage of the functionality provided by AngularJS. We’d provide our own custom functionality with CanJS and straight JS.

Note, I’m also aware that this project is very tightly coupled with Angular. I’m only looking to explore other ways of working with the project.

thank you for your help and time