Angularjs - is it really necessary to use?


I want to start using ionic. I don’t know angularjs and I already have an existing app that I want to integrate with ionic.
Is it possible not to use angularjs with ionic?


A short answer is no, Ionic is a UI layer over AngularJS.

A longer answer is still more or less no. Ionic UI can also be used with Meteoric but that’s another problem altogether. Though you can use Ionic CSS without core AngularJS, but you’ll miss out on all the extra features that angular provides.

ok thanks for the answer.

I don’t know how complex your app is, but I think you should just get started with ionic and you’ll learn angularjs along the way.

If you work through the tutorial, you should be ready to getting started

yes I know. The problem is that I use require.js, backbone.js, handlebars.js so they are not good with angulajs :smile: so I think I need to change all and it’s not possible right now.

i use requirejs in my projects… and it is working like charm :wink:

and wie you can build own builds with minified packages.

I need something like requirejs to better modularize my projects.
There are many developers in the company with different state of knowledge so i need to establish a kind of workflow and… so every project has a structure everyone can work with.

i wrote some examples in german:

the last part from: NEUE UMSETZUNG

thanks for the tip.
So I will think about replacing backbone and handlebars with angularjs in order to use ionic.