[DocumentManager] Failed to associate thumbnails for picked URL in iOS

I have a problem with Chooser (https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/chooser). When selecting, it does nothing and throws me that error.

[DocumentManager] Failed to associate thumbnails for picked URL i

If you’re working with Vue, you should not be using Cordova. You should be using Capacitor instead.

All my project I have it with ionic cordova. Does that mean that I have to move my project to capacitor?

If you are building with Ionic Vue, yes. Capacitor is the way forward for Ionic.

But it is not the case, I am not using Vue.

But you picked the Vue category^^

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sorry I’m a newbie in the forum :frowning:

Can you then share some code/provide an example?

Screenshots aren’t really helpful.

Can you put together a quick sample project and push it to github? We can look from there.