How to take new video or load from library Ionic 5 Vue + Capacitor

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to give to the user the possibility of taking a new video from the camera or load it from the library, I’ve successfully implemented the same behaviour with the photo following the documentation ( Taking Photos with the Camera - Ionic Documentation ) but I’m not able do the same with a video instead of a picture, there’s a way to do this?

I’m using Ionic 5 with Vue and Capacitor,

Thanks in advance

Would love to know the answer to this as well. Have a feeling we’re too early to the party on using Vue for anything other than what’s standard. Might have to punt and come back to it later.

the plugins don’t care if you are working with vue or angular… so punting isn’t going to change the situation. @GiardiLuca have you tried anything or did you only get as far as copying the vue camera example?

window.devices.* does not seem to have all the installed plugins. Only the ones that are there by default with Capacitor.

For example: I was trying to use cordova-plugin-media …but could not get it to appear not matter what I did. I was able to get the ionic-native/media-capture to work …but Capacitor also could not find the plugin.

All of this seems to work fine with Angular.

this is old but it should point you in the right direction

@aaronksaunders … That was MORE than I needed. Your firebase-uploader … Nice! I am geeked to try it out.

The link solved my problem. I didn’t realize I didn’t really need the cordova plugin after all.

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