Disabling ionic auto scroll to focused input

I am using the ion-google-place directive in my ionic app. I am using the beta 13 build. What the directive does is basically adding a texbox input

<input type="text" readonly="readonly" class="ion-google-place" autocomplete="off" ng-click="onClick();$event.preventDefault();$event.stopPropagation();" required>

And it also uses the $ionicTemplateLoader.compile() to add a popup to the HTML body. The popup contains an input and ion-list. When a user clicks (taps) on the input, the popup is shown and the input in the popup is focused. The problem that I get, is that the input in the popup is not always focused. I noticed that this happens, because sometimes when I click on the readonly input, the ionic auto scroll to the input is triggered and the background gets scrolled while the popup is shown. Is there a way to disable the ionic auto scroll when the input is clicked or to disable it in the whole controller/view.

This problem is very frustrating and it took me a while to understand why sometimes the input is not focused. I still have no idea why sometimes the auto scroll is triggered and sometimes not.

If you need the code or anything else just ask.

I’ve solved the problem by focusing the input in a timeout with 0 delay and after that in a timeout with 50 delay.
$timeout(function () { searchInputElement[0].focus(); }, 0);

$timeout(function () { searchInputElement[0].focus(); }, 50);

Focusing the input without the $timeout or doing it only one time does not work.