IONIC - scroll is fired twice when some input is focused on ios

I’m facing an issue with IOS and ionic, if anyone can help with any information about this issue, feel free to share, please.

obs: i’m not using ion-content or any other ionic directive.

THE BUG: i have a form with a lot of inputs. when the keyboard is open and i click in an input that is not in the middle of the view and is not focused, this input is scrolled to the middle of the view, but then this same input loses the focus and the view is scrolled to the next input that doesn’t have focus.

I have tried this workarounds below but no success:

cordova.plugins.Keyboard.disableScroll(true); <- this code is disabling all the app scroll

Another observation: I put an event listener in all the scroll events in the body, html and window, but this scroll event that happened when input get focus doesn’t fire the listener.