Disable URL with lazy loading

I use the latest version of ionic (3.x) with lazy loading. I deployed my app also as PWA but the way it works with deeplinking/URLs is really bad, thus I want to disable the urls and the deeplinking and only have the single URL (e.g. http://localhost:8100/) like it was back in Ionic2.

How can I disable deeplinking/URLs?

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I’m just looking for this feature too, did you find something or can someone help us?

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No, sadly I didn’t find anything…

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Hi, so i was looking and find some interesting things. First is, there is no way now to disable url routing for all app, second, there is way to disable routing for pushing, poping etc. view, navController has in options updateUrl param, when set to false, url will not update. But still it is not enouggh and on back button there is nothing yet to do it, i will try to do some changes and will make pull request, to the ionic-angular on github, maybe they will use it :slight_smile: .

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Hi man, so i created issue and also pull request, if you want to try, it is here https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/pull/12440 . I added urlDisabled property to the IonicModule config, if it is set to true, url will not show.


i hope ionic will merge your pull request :frowning:

Ionic team rejected your merge request…
So, is there any other solution?