Disable shake gesture for undo typing on app

Right now i have a issue on my app, when shake the device show the alert “Undo typing” this show only after the KeyBoard is activated.

Any idea ?

Haven’t used the plugin before, but you can check this out


@Norwill This is a bug with the ionic keyboard plugin. I’m posted an issue over there and see what they think. https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-plugins-keyboard/issues/29

To fix in the short term, I added this like to the IonicKeyboard.m file in the defaults section:

[UIApplication sharedApplication].applicationSupportsShakeToEdit = NO;

Same solution as @mhartington provided, you just don’t need the entire plugin if that is easier.

This plugin worked for me!

The plugin also worked for me.

hello all anyone knows how to Perfom undo,and redo on canvas-draw component in typescript…please help me