Disable ion-datetime picker scroll vibration

is their any option or setting or some sort of way to disable ion-datetime picker scroll vibration on the device ?
(update more information )
i am using capacitor v3 which is in beta right now. and i didn’t face this issue on cap v2 at-least

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Can you explain what exactly do you mean with scroll vibration? Your device vibrates like if a push notification appears?

no i meant when you are using ion-datetime picker so lets say u change month or change day or change year while scrolling in the picker with each change the phone vibrates

Follow this. I also need it

Can you create a small reproducable repo? I don’t experience this behaviour

may i ask is your cap version this

  @capacitor/cli: 3.0.0-beta.1    
  @capacitor/core: 3.0.0-beta.1   
  @capacitor/android: 3.0.0-beta.1

@aditbharadwaj how you fix this because I’m also facing same issue

@all any update guys

Follow this, same problem here.

update ur ionic and capacitor version to the latest it should be solved, this was a bug in cap v3 beta and now stable is out. If u still feel the issue u can report on this issue as active bug in the ionic github-issue. they have also added a option to disable haptic as a feature request. so u can keep track on.

I update my ionic and capacitor versions but the same issue I’m facing. Vibration is not disabled on the select date and time.

open that github issue again or raise a new one

i solved the issue by removing @capacitor/haptics from package.json &&package-lock.json