Ionic bug:ionDatetime runs to infinite mode

After the change of the year property several times it runs to the “infinite mode” …

First I noticed the problem on the platform iPad and after commenting the size=“cover” it started to work normally, however several days later I noticed the same problem on the iPhone as well. I have just pure . When I want to change the year approximately after third/fourth attempt it starts to scroll and never stops…

Please see the video describing the problem via the link :

RPReplay_Final1666011993.MP4 - Google Drive

Can you replicate this in a new project on stackblitz? if so, send the link so we can take a look.

Thank you very much for your feedback. I got an answer from Ionic Team in github issues already. The project was using Ionic Version 6.0.2. After updating the project to the latest production version the bug is fixed. So anyone facing this issue make sure that you are using 6.3.(above).

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