Disable click/tap events while scrolling (horizontal)

I have horizontal list of ion-cards in ion-scroll. While sliding through them on iOS you very often accidentally fire click event on the card when you just want to slide.

Is there a way to disable click events while scrolling (maybe even few ms after scrolling stops)?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Source example:

        <ion-scroll scrollX="true">
				<ion-col *ngFor="let saleProduct of data.sales" (click)="productDetail(saleProduct)" tappable>
						<div class="image-wrapper">
							<img src="...">
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We found out that the ion-card was to problem here.

I’m having a similar issue. Can you expound on your findings?

I’m not sure if ion-card was the problem, however removing tappable from the elements helped a bit. Now we have opposite problem when it is too difficult to click on the elements. So I don’t have a solution yet. So annoying.

Maybe you will have more luck after reading this and related issues https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/1438. Some people there seem to have solutions. Good luck

I was able to workaround my issue by changing the (click) event to a (tap) event instead…

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