Directory Structure of Ionic application

What is the best practice around choosing directory structure for the application in ionic? Can we choose directory structure similar to angular application which emphasize on grouping of files on the basis of feature & not by file type. I am asking this because I have seen a pattern in ionic apps which puts all js and html files separately i.e. in www/js and www/templates. Can I use different directory structure for my files as shown in image? Is it going to create trouble while building the app for different platforms?

Of course, you’d just have to set a few thing up for this.

You could create an app directory for development, create a few gulp tasks that fit your need, and build into www
We’ve provided a basic structure to get people started, but you can customize it to fit your needs.

If anybody is interested in this. I’ve tried to come up with a structure that is heavily based on johnpapa’s Angular Style Guide.
I’m working in a “dev” directory where I also serve the app from via “ionic serve” command. Then I use a few gulp tasks to concatenate and minify the files into the www folder.



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