Folder Structure of Ionic Apps

I am thinking I am missing something that everyone else already know. I can’t find an answer anywhere. I am trying to turn my plain Angular Web-app into an Ionic mobile/hybird app.

The problem I am seeing now is that everything in my /app folder is being ignore. I also have a call out to a JS src on Google’s CDN. When I run [ionic serve] … I see a lot of 404 errors in the console. EVEN! my Google hosted file. All of these work when I use a different web server, so it appears that ionic serve is just looking for certain folders.

Am I missing something? How do I get Ionic to read all the files in the /www/ directory ?

What are the steps you took for such migration? This seems like an easy fix but I need to know your setup.

what tool are you using to build your app? Grunt or gulp?

I am using grunt, which will copy all my files from app to www. I have a watch task that will watch my app/ files and copy changed files over to www while developing, then ionic serve will watch www for its livereload.

You can achieve the same thing (and a little better) using gulp.