Different folder structure created when project started on windows

I am on a win7x64 system, I just updated Ionic & cordova this morning. I created a new project using “ionic start appX blank” in Git powershell. But, in the previous version of Ionic I was using, it would create a folder structure with appX as the root and then the project folders hooks, platforms, etc directly below it:
–etc …

But following the update to the latest version the following folder structure is created

----etc …

Once I create the project and cd to “appX”, it will cough up a Current working directory is not a Cordova-based project error when I try and add the android platform, but if I cd into ionic-app-base-master I can add the android platform just fine. Is this new sub-folder ionic-app-base-master indented or nor for new projects on windows?

edit: additionally, the folder structure is significantly different. For example, in the new project, www/lib/ionic does not have a js or scss folder.


versions installed:
node: 0.12.0
cordova 4.2.0
ionic: 1.3.8

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Please try downgrading ionic to 1.3.4.

Looks like something is broken after 1.3.5 in the sequence of steps in version 1.3.5 and later.


Cordova looks for the “www” directory in the root of your project. I don’t know why you’re having said behavior. I had same issue but my situation was that i had renamed the “www” folder to “app”. Then, when trying to add the android platform(“ionic platform add android”), I was getting the same error(“Current working directory is not a Cordova-based project”). Renaming the folder to “www” fixed it.