Diawi type service within Ionic

Hi All,

During my continued exciting research with the Ionic framework I have come to the point of allowing other testers test the apps I am writing. I appreciate Ionic View gets you pretty much 95% of the way there - only really for my opinion falling down when it comes to using other Cordova plugins outside of their standard list.

Diawi is a fantastic service for that last 5% that I have successfully used which of course takes your final product and makes it available to testers.

Is there that sort of capability within the Ionic world? As in to send an email / hyperlink to someone so they can download it directly?

I’m just trying to reduce the amount of 3rd party dependencies - preferably down to one - Ionic.

Thank you

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No, no beta distribution service from Ionic. I tend to use HockeyApp for this most of the time.

Thank you Sujan - I’ll look into that. Not come across it.

Hi Sunna,

Good find. And I believe it’s sponsored by Microsoft which is great.
I’ve now switched to this for my testing.

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