Diagnosing App

well, possibility of coding a app that can compare different checkbox by clicking a button to give an alert

i really want to know how to do that.

pls, how can i compare selected checkbox by clicking a button to display an alert messa

ge…this above image is the design i already made ,but i’m finding it hard to code it

It looks to me like you’d just have an <ion-list> with a bunch of <ion-item>'s with <ion-checkbox> in them.

List Documentation
Checkbox Documentation

yea, that’s true i only designed the interface but do not know how to code it. the concept is to diagnose…i have downloaded plenty ion tutorial but couldnt get what i want…i need the code format

Perhaps you should consider hiring somebody to write the app. There is a “jobs” category here where you could do that.

oh!, nice idea …thanks rapropos:+1: