Development flow without Ionic appFlow platform?

Hello all,

I am a back-end developer, I have experience in ionic but the main language I currently use is python, well, the point is that I am in an agile development team and we are working with ionic for the development of an app, but we It costs a lot to adapt a development flow, this happens for several reasons that we have detected, including the handling of dependencies, their versions and we are not clear which code is the one that has to be versioned in git. In python we do not have any problem, since we create a virtual environment and with that we avoid any inconvenience of strange configurations or uncontrolled dependencies.

My question is precisely oriented to that issue, does anyone know how the ionic development teams work? What are your experiences working, in TEAM, with this technology? or any advice to make an agile development with ionic ?.

First of all, Thanks.