Will Ionic 2 have a "browser" platform?

I read ionic 2 documentation and I didn’t find a ref about “browser” platform even if I tried to run ionic build browser without any problem. Do you have in mind to keep supporting this platform?
BTW: for me is a strategic feature because it allows me to create a webapp and app together and it is the only reason for me to not move to React solution.

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This is indeed something that we’ve talked about quite a lot, and intend to add as time goes on. Right now it supports it as in cordova supports the browser platform. But out side of that, we have some things that we would need to change internally to make things like scrolling to work better. All stuff that we plan on working on, but just down the road :thumbsup:


Good to know, thank you!
I have in mind to develop a little hack for app.bundle.js (2,7 Mb) so that everytime I run ionic build browser it will be renamed adding the ionic version like app.bundle21.js (and index.html will point to the renamed file).

This hack will allow me to set the cache directive in my http server so that the browser won’t download the bundle anymore after the first time except if a new bundle version is released. This process is more or less the same of what CMSs do with images and it will speed up the start of my webapp and save bandwidth (critical when the webapp is visited using a smartphone).

Any suggestion?
Is there someone who is interested in developing this feature with me in the future?

Good to know too.
While on this subject. Is there any plans on supporting progressive webapps as in supporting webworkers and caching?
The reason for asking is that we switched development from apps to webapps to meet client requirements but still wants to maintain a codebase where we could go back (and forth) if needed.

Progressive web apps are definitely something we are interested in an hope to support.

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