Deploy & Build

I’m extremely new to ionic and android. I built my app using the visual builder and exported it on my local machine. I installed all what was required, double checked by updating everything. But when i give the build command: ionic cordova build android --prod --release : I get the error as shown below. Please help me out. Thank You.


in short terms, it says you haven’t configured the app in android studio.

To build in android you must open the app atleast once in android studio. Import the app in android studio and it will need to add a grade wrapper to your project. Once that’s done it will configure and try again.

I have already installed android studio. How do i run it in android studio now?

Open the project in android studio. And once’s it is open, there’s a green triangle (looks like a play button) at the top middle of the application. Click it and choose the device to run it on or run the

Ionic Cordova run android