How to Build app using ionic & cordova For beginner


Hi Guys,
Can you tell me About Building app using ionic & cordova For beginner

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This is why we’ve built out our learn site.

Should help you out a bit


i have this problem :’(
how i resolve it?


make sure you have the android sdk installed on your computer, if you did that, go into the cmd for you app (just as you are in your screenshot) and type “android”, launch this and the android sdk manager will open, here you select android api level 19 and install and/or update it, after this, the problem will be resolved :slight_smile:


i don’t understand bro , can you explain me step per step

  • Install android sdk (your probably already did this, if so, continue)
  • Run “android” in command line from your project’s directory
    The android SDK manager will open up
  • Install and/or update android api level 19 (as the error states is not done)
  • Retry “ionic platform add android” in command line from your projects directory


Thank You so much <3