Deeplinks with Custom URL scheme always no match


Hello fellow Ionites.

I’m using Deeplinks plugin in Android trying to trigger the app with customer URL scheme.
I manage to trigger my app and capture the intent, but I always trigger the ‘no match’ function in deeplinks.route().subscribe().

Can someone help and see if I made a mistake?

More details:
My config.xml

    <plugin name="ionic-plugin-deeplinks" spec="^1.0.15">
        <variable name="URL_SCHEME" value="myapp" />
        <variable name="DEEPLINK_SCHEME" value="https" />
        <variable name="DEEPLINK_HOST" value="my.web.server" />

Note: I intend to capture also Universal Links in iOS that’s why I include deeplink_scheme and deeplink_host. But I use URL_SCHEME for android in order to support Android 5.x and before.

My app.component.ts:

let routes={
              '/mylink': MyPage
                (match)=>{ this.onDeepLinkMatch(match) },
                (nomatch)=>{ this.onDeepLinkNoMatch(nomatch) }

And when I try the emulator command:

adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d "myapp://app/mylink" com.domain.myapp

It’s always triggered the onDeepLinkNoMatch() function.

Any idea on what am I doing wrong, or how should I set my path in routes object?


Stupid mistake :angry: