Deeplink that doesn't match

Quite weird problem - I’ve got a deeplink installed and it is configured like this in the config.xml:

    <plugin name="ionic-plugin-deeplinks" spec="^1.0.15">
        <variable name="URL_SCHEME" value="xxx" />
        <variable name="DEEPLINK_SCHEME" value="https" />
        <variable name="DEEPLINK_HOST" value="" />

in the app.component.ts I’ve pasted the code from the documentation.:

      }).subscribe((match) => {
        // match.$route - the route we matched, which is the matched entry from the arguments to route()
        console.log('Successfully matched route', match.$args);
      }, (nomatch) => {
        console.error('Got a deeplink that didn\'t match', nomatch);

When I click on the link xxx:// my app launches but it handled by nomatch block. In the log I can see On deep link and the object that I’m passing but also there is an error message “Got a deeplink that didn’t match”. What is the problem, the link?