[Close] Deep linking Android URL_SCHEME broken?


I noticed that I’m not able anymore to use URL_SCHEME for my deep linking on Android.

Works fine on iOS but doesn’t on Android, looks like that on Android I’m only able to use deep linking when I call link with https

I mean:

myapp://something/id works fine on iOS but doesn’t on Android
https://mydomain.io/somehing/id works on Android

I’m dumb or I’m just tired and custom URL_SCHEME (myapp://…) doesn’t and will never work on Android or could that be a bug?

I opened that issue on the Github of the plugin because it looks like to be related to some other issues, but like I said, maybe I’m really tired.

Anyone, any clues, any help, plz?

Thx in advance!

*** EDIT ***

Kind of weird, if a custom scheme is used in a web page, then it gonna work on Android, but if I type the custom scheme in my Android phone browser, then it doesn’t work.


https://something.io => Deep linking ok on Android
custom://app/… => Deep linking ok on Android if this url is use in an html page, like in a button
custom://app/… => Not ok if I enter the URL in the chrome mobile url bar or in inAppBrowser


Ok so I have the feeling that it’s only the way it works right now on Android

Deep linking on Android thru https://… url gonna work. custom://… work is you call it as action but will not work if you use it as url itself, like if you copy/paste the url in the chrome url bar or in inappbrowser

With inAppBrowser it looks like a well know issue (see https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser/pull/99)

For Chrome, don’t know if it’s still actuall, but like one year ago seems someone had the same conclusion

Therefore I close this topic, if I might someday find something better, will comment it


For the record, for inAppBrowser there is a patch who solve the problem:

Doing so, inAppBrowser on Android support custom scheme

But this patch was refused. See comments in https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-inappbrowser/pull/99

Use it at your own risk