Debugging published android app whitescreen

I inherited an Ionic v5 angular project which was using build tools from 2018/2019. After upgrading everything I could (ionic, cordova, gradle, android studio, etc) and resolving errors, I am experiencing an app that fully works any way I try to run it except after it has been deployed.

The app gets stuck at the splash screen but only after it has been published to the play store. This app works on iOS store. From what I can tell it seems to be breaking when trying to ask for permissions but I don’t know how to find logs.

This occurs whether I build and deploy the app manually or using App Flow.

How do I go about debugging an issue that only appears on live?

You cannot debug a live app. It seems weird that android’s system didn’t catch this error, it usually does. Maybe you can contact the ionic team since you are using appflow and they can point you in the right direction.