Release mode app shows white screen while debug mode app runs just fine

I have a strange problem with my app. My app works fine in debug mode. But when I build it for release mode and for deployment after signing it with the certificate it shows white screen after splash screen. Can anyone help me with this issue. I observed logcats with adb which are same in both cases. No issue with that.

make the duration of splashscreen longer(5 seconds) or if doesn’t fix add this in your platform ready:

setTimeout(function () {
        }, 100);


I had the same issue and struggled to solved it.
In my case I created the release build with “ionic build --release” but got blank screen when opening the app after the splash because somehow the app wasn’t finding some files from a library.
I managed to solve this by building the app with cordova following the steps here:

you need to create a build.json file(in your base folder) where you configure your signing key and execute the command:
cordova build android --release – buildConfig
This generates the signed apk ready for release.

I hope it works good luck.

Hi @mihair, I did the same thing you mentioned in your comments. But, still I am getting the white screen when opening the app after the splash.

How did you finally solve this?