Debugging multiple Stencil packages in a monorepo

We are using a monorepo (turborepo) to manage multiple Stencil-based packages. We have not yet found a good way to debug multiple packages that depend on each other.

For example, we have package-A which depends on package-B. We want to make a change in package-B but test it in the www for package-A. So we run stencil build --dev --watch --serve in both packages simultaneously. This will rebuild package-B if a change is saved, but it does NOT seem to run the copy routines specified in stencil.config.ts for package-B. Therefore, the new code for package-B gets build, but it does not get copied over into the www folder for package-A. This forces us to fully rebuild package-A in order to pick up the changes, or roll some sort of custom copy script.

Is there a better solution for this?