Ignore external imports on build if they are not found

Stencil version:


Current behavior:

Hello Ionic Team,

We are currently trying to build multiple web components (made with StencilJS) in a bigger project, which it’s incorporating all of them.

Problem: These components have external imports (see examples below), which are crashing when we try to build the component individually. Unfortunately we cannot get rid of these imports. Is there any possibility using only stencil.config.ts, to mark all the external dependencies to be ignored at build time and treat them as it is?

imports example: import { C_CONST } from '../../../../../my-services';

Error on build:

 [ ERROR ]  Rollup: Unresolved Import 
           Could not resolve '../../../../../my-services' from ./src/components/my-component/my-component.tsx 

Basically we want to use the external property configuration of the Rollup plugin built in the Stencil Core. Configuration Options | Rollup

Also if you can provide an concluding example with stencil.config.ts will be appreciated.