How to distribute one Stencil Package within another?

I have an NX monorepo set up with two Stencil packages(I followed StencilJS docs to make those): Package-A and Package-B.

Problem: When I do import '@nx-workspace/Package-A' inside Package-B and run build - I never get Package-A included in the Package-B dist folder. However, it works fine when I serve my project. The tsconfig.base.json is set up by nx with paths like so:

"@nx-workspace/Package-A": ["dist/packages/Package-A"],
      "@nx-workspace/Package-A/loader": [
"@nx-workspace/Package-B": ["dist/packages/Package-B"],
"@@nx-workspace/Package-B/loader": [

Question: How do I change the path to make sure when Package-B is built, it includes Package-A build files in Package-B dist folder? OR Is it supposed be in such way:
You still npm i Package-A into Package-B and tsconfig.base just allows you to use local version of Package-A rather then npm one?

What I tried: I have followed NX and StencilJS docs to setup a blank stencil monorepo to play with it and try understand how it links things and builds dist. However, still no luck to include one component in the other component dist