DateTime - monthShortNames not working when it's on the first page the app loads


I have a datetime picker on the view that gets loaded second if you’re not logged in and first when you were already logged in.
I noticed that the picker gets translated when the page is opened after coming from the login page.
When I then close the app and reopen it, I’m already logged in and it directly takes me to that second page with the datatime picker on. However, it then ignores the translations.

I also have some datetime pickers further down in the app and they all work fine and get translated.
The one on the main page only works when you come from the login page.

This is my picker html:

<ion-datetime displayFormat="D MMM"  pickerFormat="D MMM YYYY"  [max]="getFilterMaxDate()" (ionChange)="checkDateAndFilterOrders()" [(ngModel)]="getFilter().dateFrom" monthShortNames="{{months}}" cancelText="{{ 'COMMON.CANCEL' | translate }}" doneText="{{ 'COMMON.DONE' | translate }}"></ion-datetime>

And I’m using ng2-translate for translations. Translations get loaded like this:

		this.subscriptions.push(this.utils.translate(toTranslate).subscribe(translations => {
			this.translations = translations;
			this.months = [translations["COMMON.JAN"], translations["COMMON.FEB"], translations["COMMON.MAR"], translations["COMMON.APR"],
							translations["COMMON.MAY"], translations["COMMON.JUN"], translations["COMMON.JUL"], translations["COMMON.AUG"],
							translations["COMMON.SEP"], translations["COMMON.OCT"], translations["COMMON.NOV"], translations["COMMON.DEC"]];

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this an issue with Ionic?
I’m using Ionic-angular 2.1.0


I’m having the same problem, did you manage to solve it ?


Hi, I’m no longer working on that project, but as far as I know, they haven’t found a solution for it yet.