Custom Buttons - HTML <button> Tag Without Extra HTML

Hi all,

To start off with: I am very new to Ionic, web view app development, and app development in general.

What I want to achieve is creating a button element without the extra HTML that is created along with. I want a clean slate to start design with and, unfortunately, Ionic already customizes plenty of elements automatically.

Please see below for what I mean by “extra HTML”:

… while I literally only want:

Thanks in advance!

I suspect what you are really asking for is how to do custom styling. I can’t think of any other reason for caring about what HTML goes into the DOM. You shouldn’t ever have to concern yourself with how framework components implement themselves: down that road lies madness, as it always changes out from under you.

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Hi rapropos,

Thanks for the reply.

So your advice is to not concern myself about how the framework handles the HTML I type, and rather just concern myself about applying the proper styles (whether or not that might be a few extra lines of CSS)?

I hoped for the possibility of tweaking a .config file or uninstalling a plugin responsible for this. But fiddling with the framework’s core components is not ideal.

My advice is to take a step back and ask what you are really trying to achieve. Especially when we’re new to environments, we tend to ask overspecific questions that zero in on places that turn out not to be where we really wanted to be.

OK, thanks a lot - in that case:

I would like to start the design of my app with a completely clean stylesheet. Overriding styles is unnecessary if it can be done according to preference the first time. Is that possible at all? Or is my only option to override Ionic’s styles?

I guess you could NOP out the sass task in gulpfile.js, but I think it sort of destroys some of the value inherent in using a framework like Ionic in the first place. It’s considerably easier to make small customizations via theming than it is to build the entire styling infrastructure from scratch.