Cursor remains stuck on original position after scroll

am building an application using ionic. I have a template with several input fields. When user hits on an input field I want to scroll the field to the top. I tried using

$ionicScrollDelegate.scrollTo(node.offsetLeft, node.offsetTop, true);

This scrolls the page up for me. However, it does not update the cursor position. The page scrolls up and the cursor remains stuck at the position before the scroll. If I start typing some text, the cursor moves to the desired input field and starts typing there. So I guess the cursor has not lost context but its position is not updated. Any ideas on what could work in this case?

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Can someone please help me with this? I have tried to use jQuery too but the scroll doesnt work out as perfectly as it does using ionicScrollDelegate.

Adding myself to this thread as I, too, am having the same exact issue. Any solution out there?

No solution yet. I ended up implementing a hack to force refresh the cursor position. I set and unset some text in each input so that the cursor is refreshed and its not visible to the user.