Css changes not being picked up in ionic 2

I started with the ionic 2 tabs project and then added a new tab called page4

the html for page 4 is displayed correctly but it ignores any css I add to page4.scss

the css changes are also not added to the app.md.css file in the build/css folder whereas it does include the css for page1 which was part of the original tabs project

is there something that needs to run to pick up the scss file contents for newly added pages ?

this is the code…


<ion-navbar *navbar>
    Tab 4

<ion-content class="page4">

this is page4.scss

.page4 {
background-color: green;

this is page4.ts

import {Page} from 'ionic-angular';
  templateUrl: 'build/pages/page4/page4.html'
export class Page4 {
  constructor() {


found it… need to add the sass files in app.core.scss eg

@import "../pages/page4/page4";
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