Csproj file for build ios - Visual Studio for Mac


This is my use case:

  1. I created my ionic3 cordova project on my PC
  2. I push the code to my git repo and pull it down on my Mac
  3. on the Mac I do “ionic cordova build ios”
  4. that generates a xcodeproj file that I can open in xcode
  5. from xcode I can run that project to my iPhone or simulator

I want to open the ios project in Visual Studio for Mac, which I have installed on the Mac. It will not open the .xcodeproj file.

In VS for Mac I can create an iOS project and that creates the usual VS files: .sln and .csproj

How do I build the ios platform project in my ionic project so that I can open the thing in VS for Mac?



Cordova creates a Xcode iOS project. If VS for Mac can’t open that, you won’t be able to open the generated project.