Crosswalk: what is res/raw/

Hi there,
Trying to reduce crosswalk apk size, I’ve been digging around looking for BIG files to strip out of the building process.

A file at res/raw caught my attention, as I could not find anything about it on the web: which is 10Megabytes in size!

This was really strange, 'cos I was building for arm7.

So I went to


and delete it.
My apk went from 33Mbytes to 23Mbytes, and my App is working normally.

I really don’t have a clue what this lib file is used for.
Any Ideas?

That was for x86 arch. I guess your app still works because you are running on ARM arch.

Just run it on a Motorola Razr i (x86) and it works fine.

Crosswalk lib is placed inside /lib/x86/

So, the question remains.

I’ve opened the apk package in winrar, removed icudtl.dat from res/raw and the app did not work fine. It crashed at startup. What are these files and how can I reduce my apk size? crosswalk is great, but 30/40mb for a small app doesn’t fly goOd. crosswalk lite doesn’t work either, buggy as hell.