Crosswalk, on-hold & children elements

I recently upgraded to crosswalk. I’ve experiencing odd behavior when it comes to on-hold and children events.

Here is my HTML.

<ion-item ng-repeat="todo in todos.list"
                <i class="project_badge"
                   ng-style="{'background-color' : todo.project.color}">

                <dds-status task="todo"></dds-status>

The on-hold, on-tap and on-swipe-right all apply to the outer ion-item. If I tap or swipe a child element, the code functions as expected. When I on-hold a child element, no event is handled. If I work my fat fingers to the edge of the ion-item, the on-hold fires. How do I trigger the click with the children aside from just putting the on-hold on each child manually?

This is a change from prior browser. It that instance the children elements’ events bubbled up.