On-hold event not working

This on-hold method is working

<ion-item on-hold="action()">List line

But this on-hold method is not working

<ion-item ng-repeat="x in xes" on-hold="action()">{{x.desc}}

Which restriction is defined for this case to not run on-hold method? May not every list items has own on-hold event?

On-hold works for me.

After several hours i see my ionic version is obsolte. Beta 8 has bug. After the upgrade problem fixed. Thank you @mhartington

Ha, yeah beta 8 had a small issue with the gesture directives. Always a good thing to test against the nightly builds and make sure the issue wasn’t taken care in there.

1.1.0 version has an issue. hold-on only execute once. delete button will show, but can’t hide

I onle change the version of ionic.css and ionic.js

same for me, with ionic 1.1.0 the on-hold is working only unreliable (50 % success)
I tested it on different Android devices (4.4.2, 4.4.4) with crosswalk web-view plugin

By the way, I found a workaround which works for me:

but it seems to be better to use the overflow-scroll=‘true’ for the specific ion-content, like described in docs
see: $ionicConfigProvider - Provider in module ionic - Ionic Framework