I have trouble with on-hold events


Hello ,I use on-hold with ng-repeat , when I press on one of the lists,the events didn’t trigger,
could someone help me.


could you make a codepen so we see whats going wrong.


I am sorry ,I have trouble with using codepen, ,this is my codes ,when I press on the place where between two items,the events didn’t trigger.could you knowing what I mean, forgive my poor English.


I did create a pen sometime ago: http://codepen.io/Auro/pen/uLsGJ
were the list has on-hold event.

what i see at your code, i’m not sure of on-hold and on-touch work good together.


on-hold and on-touch work good together,I had seen your code on codepen.
in my project when I test this in web browser,this run well ,but when I package it in a .apk,and run it on my android phone,the on-hold didn’t trigger ervery time I press on it.