Crosswalk Integration Beta in Ionic CLI (v1.3.2)


I had the same problem:
F/chromium( 9154): [] Check failed: kGLImplementationNone != GetGLImplementation() (0 vs. 0)
F/libc ( 9154): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 9183 (Chrome_InProcGp)
I/DEBUG ( 790): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I/DEBUG ( 790): Build fingerprint: ‘unknown’

and I fixed this by enabling “Use host GPU” setting in the AVD editor


When we can split the ARM an x86 apk files, how much you estimate that will be each file size?


Here is what i can see for my app:

Default Cordova App : 2Mo
CrossWalk (x86 only) App : 23Mo
CrossWalk (x86 + ARM) App : 37Mo


can we later use hooks to copy libs to the android-folder something like “before_platform_add”, “after_prepare” -> “after_browser_add” etc?

Or should i put the android/libs in the engines-folder somewhere? and i have to change the build.gradle-file, so that the libs going to compile etc…


Hi @mhartington, since our crosswalk integration, our splashscreen is missing. Do you have any idea on how to re-implement it? Thanks a lot


As we have talked about before

This is a known issue. Cordova needs to update a few things first so until they update it, there’s not much we can do.


Oh sorry for the double post, didn’t saw the answer there, thanks a lot.


How do you get BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true to take effect if building in Android Studio? Android Studio doesn’t read environment variables from what I have gathered…


Not to sure about android studio (vim and cli user) but from what I gather, you probably need to edit one of the gradle build files. @jbavari1 would be the one to ask about this.


How to i make BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true work on windows?

if i run “BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true ionic run android” -> i get "BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS is not regonized"
i tried too set BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true variable and run ionic run android, but the apk was the same size(with both)


do “set BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true” and hit return
then the next line ionic build android

I still would love to know how to do it in Android Studio!


In Ubuntu: BUILD_MULTIPLE_APKS=true ionic build android


In my app:

crosswalk x86+ARM 37.8mb
crosswalk x86 23.4mb
crosswalk ARM 20.6mb


@nm7000 that doesn’t seem to work for me though. I am on linux with cordova 4.1.2 and ionic 1.3.2
With the last command, I am supposing you meant ionic browser add crosswalk
Also, shouldn’t ionic browser add crosswalk include the android platform by default?


With this tutorial:
WebRTC is working on my device. At least, the local stream is showing correctly.

With same html/js/css, ionic+crosswalk is not working.
Local stream is not shown.
Any idea?

$ ionic info

Your system information:

OS: Windows XP
Node Version: v0.10.33
Cordova CLI: 4.2.0
Ionic Version: 1.0.0-beta.14
Ionic CLI Version: 1.3.2


Hi, you guys, I compiled apk, running report this error in the simulator!
Who can help me to have a look

01-22 18:12:20.847: E/AndroidRuntime(2862): Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Use SharedXWalkView if you want to support shared mode


Nice work! Integration was painless.

Unfortunately most plugins are not working any more, making the switch pretty hard…

I read about that above and at least the core plugins should be working soon, so there’s hope!

What’s actually the big deal, that most plugins are not working any more. How would be the suggested way to help out plugin developers and get their plugins running with ionic, crosswalk & cordova? Any suggestions in form of pointing out the main problem with plugins & crosswalk?


as far as i know, you should use Cordova CLI 3.5.0, but i’m not yet an crosswalk expert. but i thought i’ve read about that somewhere.


It is not clear to me where to inform the keystore so we can publish on the Play Store


So the main issue is that for crosswalk to work properly with cordova, we needed to use an unreleased version of cordova-android, 4.0.

So when plugins don’t work, thats the reason why. When cordova-android 4.0 comes out officially, and then the plugin managers should update their 3rd party plugins.