Crosswalk Android keep crashing and can not find any error log


So I have an App build and run prefect without Crosswalk.
I want to try crosswalk and I did exact what the step. Everything fine and the build are successfully. I also did the whitelist plugin fixed according to the other thread here: Crosswalk and $http doesnt work
Does not seen to be my issue tho since the console log did not log error beside warning: No Content-Security-Policy meta tag found. Please add one when using the cordova-plugin-whitelist plugin.

All my http request come tho fine. The problem is, when I do not touch the screen (any interaction) for 5 sec, the app will crash and went black screen. The chrome debug will be terminated with reason: connection lost. But before the connection lost, I see NO ERROR on console. I have no idea what is the cause of this. Only thing I know is this will not happen on my regular build without crosswalk…

Anyone run into the same issue? I am hitting my head so hard on the wall since I have absolutely no clue…


Hi @Hughred22 ,

This might help you.


Also, try checking your config.xml on your android project folders. Your app might be calling a native android function/feature but your not declaring it on your configuration.

Hope this will help.


the crosswalk does not support x86 processors.
So there are two types of processors arm and x86.
In case of full support you would need to build your app for both.

Search for ARM on the site:

So if you have a x86 processor your app will not work on your device